Cheil India and Platinum Outdoor come up with an innovative OOH campaign for Samsung

Cheil India, in association with Platinum Outdoor, has launched an innovative outdoor campaign for Samsung’s new Split ACs featuring WindFree technology.

The new technology, which is the culmination of this innovation, offers powerful yet gentle cooling with 23,000 micro-holes. After a two-year lockdown imposed by the pandemic, the aim of the activity was to make the most of OOH innovation and a huge revival of outdoor travel by placing large billboards and an image of brand in high traffic areas. The idea of ​​generating massive exposure and reach for the brand this summer comes out very well in this perfectly planned campaign by Cheil India.

The campaign covers four cities across India including Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Samsung’s bright and eye-catching billboards were placed in prominent, high-traffic locations in each city, targeting high-traffic locations and suburban areas.

To make a creative impact on consumers, a large-scale backlit cutout of an AC current was executed with a magnifying lens that magnifies the micro-holes in the AC current. Both the magnifying glass and the air conditioning were backlit. “Samsung WindFree powerful gentle cooling” was highlighted with acrylic letters. With the use of blue ice as a backdrop in the creatives, the campaign aimed to portray a cool environment due to ACs.

Samsung’s massive month-long campaign includes LED-lit light creations seen on highways.

Ankur Kapoor, Product Marketing Head, AC business, Samsung, said, “Our latest line of premium WindFree™ air conditioners meets consumers’ advanced home cooling needs and works efficiently by dispersing cool air through 23,000 micro- holes. The new range is designed to provide the highest level of comfort by creating a calm air environment, as well as powerful cooling. We used innovative outdoor billboards to raise awareness in key markets and this allowed us to connect with the right target audience for this product line.

Durba Mandal, (Head – OOH Business), Cheil India said, “At Cheil India, we believe in creating value and impact for Samsung through our focused planning approach. Samsung’s specification for its brand new Split AC with WindFree technology was very precise, that is to use the OOH format in an innovative way and highlight the technological functionality of the newly launched range and I am happy that we ran the campaign flawlessly.

Dipankar Sanyal, CEO of Platinum Outdoor and MRP, said, “We have been working with Cheil for Samsung for over a decade now. We have always strived to create great work for our clients on both creative and planning using our proprietary Madison tools for more precise targeting. We are extremely excited to see our idea of ​​bringing the various aspects of Samsung’s split AC to life with windless technology on strategically located display panels.

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