Chatmeter listings and reputation management solutions now support commercial sites worldwide

Build a better online reputation at home and around the world

With Chatmeter, global businesses can now:

  • Manage and track listings and reputation data in virtually any country, region, or territory
  • Read and respond to reviews in any foreign language
  • Ensure accuracy of local listings domestically and internationally

The company is poised to capitalize on this expansion into international markets by partnering around the world with local review sites and publishers and tailoring solutions to meet local language standards and preferences.

Create seamless customer experiences, wherever your business is listed in the world
When entering or updating an organization’s international address, phone, and category data, Chatmeter validates the content before it is submitted to vendors such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Bing. This allows Chatmeter to remain the single source of truth for comparing location data with our vendors and ensuring that an organization’s information is up-to-date and correct.

“Helping our customers extend their reach is a priority for Chatmeter,” said Mr. Holmes. “We are aggressively building our platform with globalized capability to better support our global enterprise customers.” According to a 2021 independent study conducted on behalf of Chatmeter, the growth prospects for reputation management solutions and multi-site listings are a $6 billion market potential in their core and adjacent products. “This potential growth will allow us to provide more solutions, analytics and insights to our global customers that are focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience, regardless of location,” said Holmes.

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About Chatmeter
Chatmeter provides multi-site brands with data-driven solutions that deliver breakthrough customer experiences. Our SaaS platform provides all-in-one local SEO and reputation management tools designed to help brands optimize their online visibility and reputation. Founded in 2009, Chatmeter supports multi-location businesses across 40+ industries to create meaningful customer experiences at scale.

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