Champions Health and Fitness loans machines to members


Gyms everywhere have been forced to close as communities are doing their best to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A gymnasium in the East ensures that its members continue to use their equipment, even if it is not in their gymnasium.

Champions Health and Fitness in Greenville normally sees up to 850 members training each day. Since the gym closed to comply with the stay-at-home order, owner Greg Lassiter has decided to make sure their members are still able to exercise.

This week, Champions began loaning out some of the gym’s cardio equipment at no additional cost.

“The equipment is theirs anyway, in my opinion,” Lassiter said. “They’re the ones who come here and help pay, so we wanted them to use it.

On Wednesday morning, the members came to the gym and loaded spinning bikes and other equipment into their trucks. The gymnasium also delivered bicycles to the homes of some members who were unable to retrieve the equipment.

“They’re very dedicated to their practices, so when that happened I kind of had a feeling they would react that way,” said personal trainer Dionne Evans.

Evans will be running online spin classes starting next week, now that some of his clients can safely attend at home.

“It means the world to me that I can take these bikes home and be able to take a spin class in my living room, to stay consistent, to do it virtually and to be with everyone I usually work with,” said Said Member Allison Sparks, who was able to retrieve one of the gym’s 31 spin bikes on Wednesday.

“When the gyms reopen and they reopen,” said Evans, “I’ll be ready, Champions will be ready and I know the members will be ready to go as this is a temporary situation and we’ll get through this together.

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