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PETAH TIKVA, Israel and TYSONS CORNER, Virginia and NEW YORK, 05 July. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellebrite DI Ltd. (NASDAQ: CLBT), a global leader in digital intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, and Chainalysis, the blockchain data platform, have launched a partnership to enable customers to easily identify and assess criminal activities involving cryptocurrency in digital investigations to expedite their resolution.

The use of cryptocurrency has increased dramatically over the past few years. Although the vast majority of its use is for legitimate purposes, it has also been exploited for illicit purposes through scams, money laundering, ransomware, and more. As cryptocurrency artifacts are more frequently found and can be used as key pieces of digital evidence, law enforcement and businesses need access to cryptocurrency-related knowledge and tools to investigate criminal activities and help solve cases.

Together, Cellebrite and Chainalysis enable clients to modernize investigations by leveraging the transparency of blockchains. The integrated solution will provide automated and efficient capabilities and insights to identify and assess cryptocurrency risks and correlate this information with additional elements of a related case. Cellebrite’s suite of DI solutions will reveal accurate, real-time cryptocurrency data and insights from Chainalysis’ data platform. Through this cooperation, examiners, investigators, analysts and compliance officers will be able to seamlessly identify illicit cryptocurrency-related activity in one place as part of their investigation workflows. Familiar digital survey.

Cellebrite and Chainalysis are also collaborating to enable clients to bridge the cryptocurrency knowledge gap. Together, they will train clients’ in-house experts by providing cryptocurrency training and providing expert cryptocurrency investigation services, as well as making Chainalysis’ Reactor, the investigation tool, available for advanced cryptocurrency tracing.

“Cryptocurrency, like any other financial instrument, has become a means of financing crime and money laundering, and as its adoption increases, our customers must be equipped with state-of-the-art solutions to identify this important category. digital evidence”, said Leeor Ben-Peretz, Chief Strategy Officer at Cellebrite. “Providing our clients with an integrated cryptocurrency investigation solution will accelerate their investigations through automation and help them seamlessly uncover a wider range of digital evidence within the suite of digital intelligence solutions. of Cellebrite. We are pleased to partner with Chainalysis to further enhance our clients’ tools and insights, modernize investigations and speed up justice.

“We are delighted to partner with Cellebrite, the market leader in digital intelligence, to expand our public and private sector customer base and provide them with access to Chainalysis solutions, training and expertise,” said Thomas Stanley, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Chainalysis. . “Together, Cellebrite and Chainalysis are committed to helping fight blockchain crime, improving trust and transparency in blockchains, and making cryptocurrency safer for everyone.”

The initial integrated solution is expected to be available in Q3 2022. To learn more about the partnership offerings, please visit: https://cellebrite.com/en/cellebrite-crypto-solution-powered-by-chainalysis/

About Cellebrite

Cellebrite’s (NASDAQ: CLBT) mission is to enable its customers to protect and save lives, expedite justice and uphold privacy in communities around the world. We are a global leader in digital intelligence solutions for the public and private sectors, enabling organizations to master the complexities of legally sanctioned digital investigations by streamlining intelligence processes. Trusted by thousands of leading agencies and enterprises worldwide, Cellebrite’s digital intelligence platform and solutions are transforming the way clients collect, review, analyze and manage survey data sanctioned by law. To learn more, visit us at www.cellebrite.com, https://investors.cellebrite.com, or follow us on Twitter at @Cellebrite.

About Chainalysis

Chainalysis is the blockchain data platform. We provide data, software, services and research to government agencies, stock exchanges, financial institutions and insurance and cybersecurity companies in more than 70 countries. Our data powers investigative, compliance and market intelligence software that has been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile criminal cases and expand consumer access to cryptocurrency safely. Backed by Accel, Addition, Benchmark, Coatue, GIC, Paradigm, Ribbit and other leading venture capital firms, Chainalysis builds trust in blockchains to promote more financial freedom with less risk. For more information, visit www.chainalysis.com.

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