Catholic campaign urges people to get vaccinated


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CHA social media campaign promotes COVID jab

Sydney’s Catholic nonprofit hospitals are embarking on a month-long citywide advertising campaign to promote the benefits of adopting the COVID vaccine.

The Get Back to the Life You Love campaign will remind people of Sydney of the precious human interactions they miss due to the restrictions they face during the lockdown. Leading advisory body Catholic Health Australia’s Facebook campaign is reaching out to anyone eligible for vaccination and urging them to act now and save a date for their vaccination.

CHA health policy director James Kemp said the campaign – which has been endorsed by St Vincent’s Health Sydney, St John of God Health Care and Calvary Healthcare – aims to give the community a boost .

“We want to remind people of what is missing in their lives, these human interactions that are doing so much to offset the stress of dealing with this pandemic,” Kemp said.

“Immunization is the path to a certain sense of normalcy in our lives, and if our industry can play a role in increasing these immunization rates, then that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, we are not going to persuade this small minority of people who will never take a vaccine, but what we can do is give those who are considering getting vaccinated a big boost. “

Mr Kemp said that with the daily increase in vaccine supplies and the increase in the number of places to get vaccinated, now is the time to get people to book appointments.

“We owe it to our family, friends and the wider community to get vaccinated without delay. “
CHA ads, created by ad agency Conversion, will direct Facebook users to the NSW State Government’s COVID vaccination page, which then directs users to the nearest vaccination point or those with the earliest reservation date. They are expected to affect around 800,000 people over the coming month.


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