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After a two-year hiatus, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will host a field event in 2022.

Global creative work will be celebrated by the industry at its red carpet awards parties June 20-24.

Like always, India Campaign will lead the charge for this region by showcasing all of India’s entries to the festival through our “Cannes Contenders” series.

This is based on the premise that Cannes jurors don’t have enough time to review and deliberate on work they haven’t really encountered before. This series is a way to familiarize them with the good work of India and South Asia before their time as judges. And of course, introduce the rest of the sector to the work of this region, which is competing for the Cannes Lions this year.

BBDO India has such an input coming out as two different submissions:

Brand: Ariel India

Entry title: ‘See equality #ShareTheLoad’

For generations, deep-rooted cultural norms and traditions have made household chores the exclusive responsibility of women. Ariel has been leading the conversation on gender equality at home since 2015.

In 2021, a report by the World Economic Forum revealed a shocking truth: at the current rate of change, gender parity is 135 years away. Which means that no living woman will experience gender parity.

This shocking reality shaped Ariel’s 2022 briefing:

  • How to radically accelerate the pace of change on the issue?

  • How can we affect a more immediate mindset change in men?

To accelerate the pace of change and spark an immediate mindset shift, the brand launched ‘See Equal #ShareTheLoad’, a provocative social movement. BBDO India started the move by taking a more defiant stance. In the film, the wife confronts her husband and denounces his double standards. She asks – Why do men like him share the load with other men, but not with their wives? Is it because they never consider them equal? It set a whole new tone for the country and created immediate conversations and news. It has been covered in over 1900 publications in India and around the world. The film has been viewed 115 million times across all platforms.

To catalyze change, Ariel then published an open letter on the front pages of major national newspapers calling on advertisers, media partners and content creators to join the movement to change the imagery in their communication.

The brand then went a step further and turned its packs into a silent protest. For the first time in her history, Ariel has changed the name on her bag to Indian men’s names. In doing so, he brought the message of “sharing the load” directly into people’s homes.

The collective impact was felt by brands and society.

  • Brand awareness jumped 142%

  • The film has received over 115 million views across all platforms

  • It has generated over $35 million in earned media

  • Four billion impressions earned

  • 43% increase in emotional fairness

  • In 2015, 79% of men thought laundry was a woman’s job. Today, that number is down to 26%

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