BuzzGuru Unveils Analytics and Competitive Intelligence for Influencer Campaigns on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok


Leading influencer marketing firm BuzzGuru launches its analytical and competitive platform to help marketers working with influencers on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

The new platform will help influencer marketers scale up their customer acquisition efforts quickly by giving them the tools to find perfectly aligned content creators. With a database of over 20 million influencers, marketers can easily analyze an influencer statistics and performance and design a knowledgeable and effective advertising strategy.

Competitive intelligence tools help brands gain visibility into their competitors’ influencer marketing strategies on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. This includes ad budgets, the number of organic and paid mentions, and the network of influencers they work with.

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Filling a gap in the market

“Influencer marketing is a fascinating place in 2021: the industry’s value has more than doubled since 2019, from US $ 6.5 billion to US $ 13.8 billion in just three years,” says BuzzGuru, CEO and founder Pavel Beinia in a company statement. However, he adds that the creativity of the influencer marketing approach goes hand in hand with the lack of transparency, fraud and a lot of manual tasks. He further explains that many of these marketers go out without being able to rate the influencer, let alone the advertising budget that is actually required to run a specific campaign.

“BuzzGuru is uniquely positioned to streamline and automate influencer marketing efforts, collect analytical data on specific ad campaigns and turn it into tangible results,” added Beinia.

With the new BuzzGuru platform, markets can find and connect with relevant influencers and content creators in a significantly shorter time. They can also add their target contacts to lists and create up-to-date insights and insights on the same page. Influencer profiles show engagement rate, channel quality, audience stats, along with recommendations on the best time to post and place ads, and more.

Its competitive intelligence capabilities are specifically designed for brands and advertisers looking to outperform the competition by benchmarking influencer marketing performance against current market leaders. The new platform has the functionality to research the influencer marketing strategies of competitors by game, app or even brand website domain name. This comprehensive information includes influencers working on a free or sponsored basis, ad budget, top performing social media campaigns, and other important metrics that would give them an edge.

About BuzzGuru

BuzzGuru is the leading influencer marketing ecosystem that boosts social media presence and experience for brands and performance agencies with the help of influencers and content creators. Founded in 2017 as a global influencer marketing agency, the company now brings together data-driven performance, trusted partnership relationships, an expert creative approach, and targeted media campaigns.

In 2021, BuzzGuru launched the analytics and intelligence platform for agencies, businesses, and brands, and its clients now include YoudaGames, Yager, goGame, NetEase, AtlasVPN, Opera, and more. The new project continues the mission of driving innovation and transparency for the influencer marketing industry.

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