An integrated communication model creates a cohesive brand


When you tell others how great you are, it is called advertising. When people tell others how great you are, it’s called public relations.

However, public relations expert and author Gini Dietrich asserts that a thoughtful corporate communications and leadership program doesn’t have to be a choice proposition.

She wants it all.

The sympathetic frame is the author of “Spin Sucks: communication and reputation management in the digital age” and host of the “Spin sucks” Podcast.

Dietrich is an advocate of an integrated method of communication that establishes an executive as a credible authority.

“Authority leads to thought leadership. Thought leadership leads to credibility and expertise. Others see you as an expert … even your competition. Google returns you to the first page of results because it also sees you as an expert, ”says Dietrich. “If you have enough authority for Google and your competition to see you as the expert, you win the human and SEO game (search engine optimization). This is the golden ticket.

Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich Inc. in Chicago, created the PESO model of corporate and executive communication that incorporates four types of media: paid, earned, shared and owned media.

  1. Paid media. In this case, the paid media does not refer to large, fancy ads and very creative print ads. “On the contrary, the paid media for a communications program are social media advertising, sponsored content, and email marketing. Think of Facebook ads, LinkedIn video ads and Outbrain for content amplification, ”says Dietrich.
  2. Media won. It is about relations with the traditional media. “It’s imprinting your name. Have a newspaper or trade publication written about you. Appearing in the midday newspaper to talk about your product. This is what the PR industry is generally known for, because it is one of the few tangible things we do. The ancillary benefit of acquired media in today’s digital world is search engine optimization, ”says Dietrich.
  3. Shared media. This is also known as social media. “It also evolves and continues to grow beyond the marketing or customer service teams that use it. Organizations have started to use it as the primary source of internal and external communication. These are curated content, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories. It’s about putting the social back into social media by creating engagement and community, ”says Dietrich.
  4. Media owned. This is otherwise known as Your Own Created Content, and Dietrich says this should be the first step in an integrated plan. “It’s something you own that lives on your website or blog. You control the message and tell the story the way you want. It does not host your content on Medium or Facebook Notes. They own your content and the platform they live on. You can use these platforms as outlets, but the reason it’s called ‘owned’ is because you own it and you don’t rent it out to anyone, ”Dietrich explains.

Dietrich created a PESO Model certification program with Syracuse University.

“Because the PESO model is integrated and includes both brand awareness and lead generation activities, this is one of the most effective processes you can use to market your organization,” says Dietrich.

Level C biobox

  • Name: Gini Dietrich
  • Title: Founder and author
  • Organization: Arment Dietrich Inc. and Spin Sucks
  • Website:
  • Skill: Digital communications and creator of the PESO model
  • Education: BA in English from Creighton University; honorary bachelor’s degree from Tribeca Flashpoint University; and executive in residence at the University of Oregon
  • Family: Husband, Kelly; daughter, Addie; and dog, Tulip
  • Best advice ever: “Stop biting your nails. It undermines your expertise and makes you appear less sophisticated. I stopped biting my nails.
  • Favorite musical artist: “Oh, man. Just one? Argh! Uh … OK, I’ll go with Prince.

Written by Steve Jagler.

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