Amplified Authority achieves unusual success for its clients in 2020



Several clients have noted exceptional growth due in large part to the CEO’s unconventional methods which have proven to be very successful!

New York, NY – Amplified Authority, a fast growing digital PR firm, has the industry on its heels and generated a lot of stir in 2020 due to the unusual results clients have achieved. The CEO’s approach to driving mega results inspires celebrities, brands and even small businesses to embrace the impact PR can have on their success. Two clients in particular have had a unique history because of the unconventional methods that have helped them be successful.

Ryan Niddel aimed to be recognized as one of the leading specialists in business growth, but successful competitors had been in the same market for over 30 years, making this goal extremely difficult. Amplified Authority has helped Mr. Niddel achieve his brand goals, surpassing nearly 20 million competitors to take the top spot in the highly competitive marketplace and gain exposure to over 155,000 new people in the process.

Recently, Vince Whinnery, CEO of Amplified Authority, said, “Traditional advertising is just not enough to make celebrities and big brands more impactful. Reputation management and non-traditional branding must be part of the strategy and be carried out at all levels to achieve the goal. “

Dr. Kristin Rose, who recently started a new psychology practice, has also had some unique results. She faced the obstacle of another renowned psychologist of the same name inadvertently blocking access to her ideal audience. Through a combination of unique strategies, Amplified Authority was able to move beyond rose therapy and help successfully launch the practice.

The pandemic has put a bigger crunch on most companies, with the SBA estimating a decrease of about 20% in the overall number since the start of 2020. This has created an evolutionary leap in the strategy of major PR firms to continue to help customers in the pandemic. era not only to survive, but to thrive.

As Mr. Whinnery noted, “Staying on top requires constant refinement of methods and strategies, especially when focusing on the direct impact of public relations efforts on a company’s bottom line. “

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