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NEW YORK, February 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 5WPR Co-president Dara Busch features thoughts on the latest influencer marketing trends.

She notes:

With the help of media like social media, digital marketing has come a long way in recent years. Nevertheless, the world is still in the early stages of digital marketing development as its true potential has yet to be realized. Since the start of the digital marketing industry, there have been many changes, one of the biggest being the rise of influencer marketing. This type of social media marketing uses recommendations from social media influencers. Companies work with people who have a dedicated social media following or who are considered thought leaders in their industries. This type of campaign works because people tend to trust the social media influencers they follow and getting recommendations from them is social proof of the effectiveness of companies’ products or services.

Most people think the best influencer marketing campaigns are done when companies work with the biggest social media influencers, but that’s not always the case. In terms of influencer marketing, people who don’t have a large number of followers can actually produce the best results for many businesses and businesses. Indeed, micro-influencers tend to produce more engagement, clicks, and higher ROI for businesses. The engagement rate is often very low for influencers who have many followers, which means influencers with fewer followers generate higher engagement rates. It’s important to remember that businesses aren’t looking for more subscribers for their businesses or products if they can’t convert those subscribers into sales.

Upcoming changes
The world of influencer marketing has changed since its inception, with consumers’ attention shifting from the brands they follow to influencers talking about different brands while recommending products. Many consumers are looking for more engaging content from the influencers they follow and want to interact with them. These days, it’s not just about blindly following a product or brand. It is also important to know that most consumers, when looking to connect with influencers, follow them on multiple social media channels. For example, if an influencer is popular on a platform like YouTube, many of their YouTube subscribers will follow their profile on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social media platform they use. This means that when businesses create influencer marketing campaigns to promote themselves or their products, they should consider other social media platforms and create content with the influencer for each platform where they have an audience, at instead of just focusing on one platform.

Work with influencers
One of the best things about working with influencers on a marketing campaign is that many consumers think of influencers as their friends, rather than celebrities. These types of campaigns are very profitable for businesses and tend to target niche communities in the digital space. Many influencers also tend to have high engagement rates with their audience. Businesses looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by influencer marketing campaigns should first define their goals and expectations, as well as set a budget for their campaign. After that, it’s time to find the right influencers to work with and check their digital presence.

Dara Busch is co-president of 5WPRa leader independent public relations firm.

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