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The marketing industry has gone down considerably since the start of the pandemic. The ways of the past can no longer suffice. In a 2020 McKinsey survey of more than 200 organizations across all industries, more than 90% of executives said they expected the fallout from COVID-19 to fundamentally change the way they do business in the next five years, almost as many claiming that the crisis will have a lasting impact on the needs of their customers. However, more than three-quarters also agreed that the crisis will create significant new growth opportunities, although this varies widely by industry.

Of course, seeing opportunities emerge from this crisis is not the same as being able to seize them. Less than 30% of these same leaders are convinced that they are ready to face the changes they see coming. The area in which they feel the most in difficulty is creating new net growth opportunities.

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To drive innovative thinking, the study suggests that marketers should:

  • Adapt the core to meet changing customer needs
  • Quickly identify and deal with new opportunities created by the changing landscape
  • Reassess the portfolio of innovation initiatives and ensure that resources are allocated appropriately
  • Building the foundations for post-crisis growth in order to remain competitive in times of recovery

This need for guidance offers agencies an opportunity to help marketers use new technology, media, marketing, creative, social, communities and consumer intelligence converge as consumers become more and more restless and demanding. In fact, over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of agencies working on solutions to create marketing campaigns and initiatives, and many of them have been very successful.

We looked to our 2021 Hong Kong Agency of the Year results to find out who our judges thought were Hong Kong’s five most innovative agencies. We have listed our top 5 winners in alphabetical order. Our agency listing below wowed our independent panel of top caliber client-side marketers not only by showing off the work they’ve done for clients, but also by their desire to nurture talent and create new exclusive products for running world class campaigns.


Founded in 2013 by former journalists, Ogilvy & Mather former ECDs Simon Handford and Sandy Chan, ANON focuses on advertising, branding, digital marketing and social media marketing. ANON defines itself as a ‘story-driven brand agency’, offering integrated branding, branding events, production, social media, content curation and design, to name a few- a few. The agency’s main clients are Swire Properties, Nike Hong Kong, Orbis Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. In 2020, she expanded her client portfolio by winning projects for brands such as Shangri-la, Cartier and Friso, to name a few. He also boasted a 100% win rate, despite an eventful year.

ANON constantly monitors the growth and development of its close-knit team of around fifteen people, prioritizing communication. Staff members are offered quarterly reviews in addition to fixed annual salary reviews. The agency also prides itself on not having strict layers or teams, fostering a strong family spirit. This translates into her collaborative approach when working with clients, preferring to opt for project-based relationships that give both parties the freedom to continue working together.

EY Mtel

Founded as Mtel in 1999, she joined EY in April 2019. By combining EY’s global resources and expertise, EY Mtel offers its clients complete solutions, from strategy to operations. Comprised of a team of over 100 talents, EY Mtel provides digital solutions to clients across Asia with other employees based in the Greater China region in the cities of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Taipei. The EY Mtel team is focused on delivering engaging and effective digital experiences, with its consulting helping businesses make life, work, interaction and commerce easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for everything. the world. The company is also able to implement end-to-end implementation solutions for a full delivery cycle across multiple platforms and methodologies.

Over the years the company has worked with a number of notable clients including Starbucks, AS Watson Group, Plaza Premium Lounge. He also won the Chinachem group business, HK Electric, EGL Tours and Octopus. One of the most successful campaigns EY Mtel has worked on was the launch of ColourMe for Watsons Hong Kong, which allows customers to try out virtual makeup on an app.

When it comes to investing in their employees, EY Mtel offers them EY badges, giving them the opportunity to develop and earn credentials in future-oriented skills and increase the value of their careers. and their professional visibility. EY badges help employees stay relevant and encourage them to shape their careers and prepare for the future by becoming better equipped and differentiated in the marketplace. Badges validate their progress in skills that will be increasingly important for their future roles.


Full-service digital marketing agency Fimmick has been around for over 12 years and is headquartered in Hong Kong. The agency offers personalized solutions in integrated digital marketing, social media marketing, programmatic and automated online advertising, creative marketing campaigns, content marketing, video production, mobile marketing first, customer relationship management and influencer marketing.

The agency has worked with notable brands such as AIA, Nestlé, Shiseido, ASUS, Samsung, Panasonic, Coca-Cola, 3M, DBS, Bossini and many more. Currently, her team has more than 120 talents in Hong Kong, the majority of whom are Millennials and Gen Z. She has also expanded her services in Account Management, Creative Digital Content & Growth Partnership, and CRM.

Mentors and job rotation programs are also created to ensure that his talents are nurtured. Apprenticeship programs and stipends are also provided by the agency to keep them abreast of industry trends. Fimmick often hosts webinars, weekly Learning Wednesdays, and Digital Fridays so their staff can learn by teaching as well. Last year it also allowed flexible working hours and remote working for its staff.

OMD has been operating in the city for decades. She believes that the advent and growth of digital advertising and performance marketing is making innovation a must these days. The company has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. He constantly helps his clients navigate the difficult territory of digital transformation and researches and develops the most advanced and innovative techniques to convey messages to the public on an ever-increasing number of platforms.

Building on its ability to deliver results, OMD gained eight new customers in 2020, including Nestlé, Dairy Farm, Octopus and Green Monday. In addition, the agency has also successfully maintained long-term relationships with notable brands such as MTR, Federal Express, and McDonald’s Hong Kong. All of these companies have worked with OMD for over two decades. OMD’s commitment is to make “better decisions, faster”. This requires a product with agility and versatility. Built from decades of experience in media design, OMD Design is a structured thinking and planning process that enables the agency to relate its clients’ ambitions to relevant audience segments and unite them with Cutting-edge media planning tools for design and optimization. .

OMD Design connects directly to OMNI, a digital marketing platform that offers a host of employee apps and tools, data assets and analytics offerings. Collectively, OMD Design and OMNI emphasize speed (via rapid prototyping) and a consumer empathy-driven approach, which is at the heart of all work.

UM Hong Kong

A subsidiary of IPG Mediabrands, UM Hong Kong is a global marketing solutions agency committed to driving brands’ business momentum through the combination of the power of data and creativity, science and art. Speaking of data, its business analytics engine is a strategic, forward-looking solution that is driven by factual information, using unique data feeds from all syndicated and proprietary sources. Business Analytics Engine is an advanced capability that brings together people, data, and analytics techniques to deliver science in its planning process.

In recent years, the agency has worked with notable brands such as Deliveroo Hong Kong, Invesco, The Open University of Hong Kong, Rakuten, JP Morgan and China Construction Bank (Asia).

UM Hong Kong has also invested in its employees through the Connect Mentoring program. This program allows all employees to apply for a mentor from any discipline. He aims to connect his talent with a diverse mentor for difference-based mentorship to broaden perception and perspectives. The agency has also strengthened its operations, hiring many senior positions to better meet the needs of the new normal, growth, expanding the team with CEO Ben Kwan who took office last year. Leading the change within the agency are Managing Director Alice Lee, Commercial Director Chung Au, both of whom have over 20 years of industry experience, as well as a large number of senior managers. .

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