What are scam loans and how to avoid them

Unfortunately, it is quite common to have to face scam loans at some point.

And it is not surprising if we think that it is increasingly common to have to request money. The financial situation and the poor working conditions that exist today in our country force us to use credits on more than one occasion.

And the internet has become a minefield for unsuspecting customers who do not know how to distinguish fraud loans . For this reason from our company we want to help you learn what they are and how to avoid them. Would you like to know more about this topic? In that case, do not stop reading this post. Let’s start

The scam loans

Nowadays, fast loans have become a very used financial alternative to get out of an economic hurry immediately. The ease of procedures, the speed of concession and the fact that they operate through the Internet allow customers to get money easily. However there are also a lot of scammers trying to pass themselves off as legal companies. These ghost companies manage to catch their victims, get money from them and disappear forever. They are precisely what create the phantom loans.

How to avoid scam loans

Luckily there are several methods that we can apply to avoid being cheated with a quick credit. With these tips you will know how to easily differentiate legal companies from those that are not.

A legal credit company never requests money in advance

One of the reasons that should lead us to distrust a credit company is to ask us for money in advance . All expenses associated with a loan must be reflected by contract and also be paid within the agreed deadlines. Never before. Do not trust those companies that ask you to take on expenses or pay commissions before seeing the money .

Check if it is part of AEMIP

As a general rule, most financial companies that make loans online are part of the Spanish Association of Microloans or AEMIP. They are also responsible for complying with current legislation and are registered with the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs .

Make sure the web from which you operate is safe

To do this you must check that the url is preceded by the acronym https: and that there is a closed green padlock prior to the address in your browser . These elements guarantee the security of web pages. That is to say, that our keys and personal data will not end up filtered anywhere. The padlock, for example, is a sign that the connection used by the web is encrypted by means of SSL technology, which prevents anyone from observing what we are doing while browsing that web.

Go to organizations to help consumers if you still have any questions

Today we have at our fingertips countless organizations to help the consumer. These organizations are responsible for ensuring the safety of all citizens who consume any type of product. Without doubt two of the most famous are FACUA and the OCU . Do not hesitate to go to them for advice. If you want a more personalized treatment you can become a member of any of these two organizations. The annual expense is not excessively high.

And if they cheat you …

Get in touch with the police as soon as possible . It is likely that you are still in time to be helped. And if it is not possible at least you will prevent other users from running the same luck.

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