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We may need some help at any time if we want to buy something and we don’t have the money we need. In such cases, someone can solve the problem of temporary financial problems with the help of relatives or friends. However, if we are unable to do so, we may want to look at banks’ payday loan offers. Of course, you have to carefully consider which one to choose, as you can save a significant amount with a careful decision. Here are some good opportunities.

For less conscious customers, it is more convenient to go to your usual bank or the nearest branch and inquire about credit options. These clients also accept what the clerk offers them, but they will almost certainly not find the best loan. If you want to make a careful and informed decision, you need to know the terms and conditions of all your products, even the legendary small print parts, to choose from a variety of bank offerings. This is, of course, a huge amount of information, and it is highly recommended that you use a comparative calculator to make such a choice

Here at BankRation, we work to ensure that customers seeking a payday loan do not have to scroll through dozens of bank announcements, as we do so and fix fees, interest rates and terms. This is how we try to help our visitors find the best deal for them.

Many people ask in the comments about how to apply for a payday loan. All you have to do is open a payday loan calculator, then specify how much you want to borrow and how long the maturity is. So let’s see what to do!

By clicking on the ” Search ” button, the calculator will, after a short period of time, issue all payday loan offers that match your settings. From this you can select the most favorable loan according to your criteria and click on the ” Details ” button. This way your interest goes to the bank where you need to enter your contact information. A bank employee will then contact you at the phone number you provided, and you are on track. If you are interested in meeting the bank’s requirements, you will most likely get a payday loan. An important condition such as this is that the claimant cannot be on the KHR list (formerly known as the BAR list) and have regular income. It is also important to know that banks generally only accept wages as income. Thus, the income condition of a payday loan cannot be fulfilled from the Gyed and similar non-salary income.
You should choose a shorter maturity to lower the total repayment amount. In contrast, longer maturities have the advantage that monthly installments will be lower, thus reducing the monthly loan repayment burden. It is also important to know that low-income customers will find it easier to obtain credit if they opt for a longer maturity and thus a lower installment loan.

What are the costs of a $ 300,000 payday loan with a 1 year maturity?

What are the costs of a $ 300,000 payday loan with a 1 year maturity?

Bank and loan name installment Total repayable APR
BIC Advance payday loan 26,819 Ft / month 321,830 Ft 13.99%
Superbbank Fair Express payday loan $ 10 / month 327,913 Ft 18.57%
Budacless Credit Express $ 10 / month $ 340,857 24.83%
Let’s always lend at hand $ 9.99 / month 349.185 Ft 33.18%
Nominent Credit (for 76 weeks) $ 10 / week $ 351,120 24.46%

BIC Bank has the advantage of receiving the payment from the bank. In this case, the Bank will give you a 6% discount on the Advance Loan, giving you an annual interest rate of 12.99%. Expected income for this discount scheme is HUF 100,000. But it is not mandatory to transfer the payment to the bank, and they will even lend a minimum wage, but in this case the interest will be higher, 18.99%.

The bank will disburse the Superbbank Fair Express payday loan within 2 days of a positive credit assessment. Currently, Superbbank puts the lowest income conditions on the claimants, as the Fair Express loan is enough for $ 68,000. This also requires that the salary be paid into a current account with Superbbank. But even if you get income from another bank, $ 100 per month is enough.

Bankate always borrows a personal credit line that is available at any time in whole or in part, so it can be reused without further credit. Payments allow you to re-open your credit line. A credit card is required along with the credit, but it will only be charged when you start using it.

Nominent loan is not repaid monthly but weekly.

Nominent loan is not repaid monthly but weekly.

There is also the option of requesting a service that the administration and the contract take place at the claimant’s home and that they also go home for installments weekly. This is an interesting option, but it has to be taken into account that it has a significant additional cost. Convenience may be an important consideration for many, but if you opt for this service, the cost of your credit would double. The 176-week maturity for this loan is the closest to the 1-year maturity for which we analyzed the loans in this article.

At the end of this article, we’ll show you an example of how these amounts change over a shorter and longer term for a $ 300,000 loan. If you choose the BIC Advance payday loan, the monthly repayment and the total repayment amount for the 1 year and 3 year maturity options are as follows:

Bank and loan name maturity Installment / month Total repayable APR
BIC Advance payday loan One year 26,819 Ft 321,830 Ft 13.99%
BIC Advance payday loan 3 years 10,133 Ft 364,782 Ft 13.99%

All payday loans in this article have a fixed interest rate throughout, so the bank cannot modify it until the end of the term. Thus, the installment will also be fixed throughout. This is very good because you do not have to worry about having to pay higher amounts.