Naturalization in Switzerland: What are the advantages of loans?

What will change for you if you want to take out a personal loan in Switzerland after naturalization?

We have the explanations and advice for you.

Switzerland and naturalization in the country

What does it mean to be naturalized in Switzerland? It is simply a question of obtaining Swiss citizenship. There are two naturalization procedures, depending on the situation one comes into play:

  • The ordinary naturalization : It is the “normal” naturalization to obtain Swiss citizenship.
  • Facilitated naturalization : This is a simplified procedure that affects children and spouses of a person who already has Swiss citizenship (especially third-generation foreigners).

Naturalization processes

Making a request for naturalization involves certain administrative steps, which can be viewed on the website. The procedure, the costs and the exact steps depend on the canton of residence, the municipality and also the situation of the applicant (regular or simplified naturalization).

Request for naturalization and loan

In terms of personal loan, successful naturalization means certain benefits. When a customer wants to take out a loan, banks charge a so-called scoring . This scoring serves as a simple indication of the personal financial situation of the borrower and depends on various factors, but above all on the nationality and the residence permit.

For example, a holder of the C permit and a Swiss citizen with the same budget do not have the same scoring. Making the naturalization and thus obtaining a Swiss passport can therefore be useful for a future loan inquiry . A Swiss citizen benefits from a higher scoring than a foreigner, even if he has a C-grant.

Citizenship Switzerland and loan

Although scoring is also heavily dependent on the budget of the applicant, Swiss citizenship can sometimes make the difference between accepting or rejecting the application. Swiss citizens benefit from:

  • better chances of lending
  • better loan conditions (lower interest rate)

An example

Even a small difference between two interest rates can make a big difference in the cost, especially when it comes to large sums that are repaid within several years. An example of a personal loan of 50’000 CHF per 60 months:

  • Corresponds to a total interest of CHF 8,967 with an interest rate of 6.9%
  • Corresponds to a total interest of CHF 7,645 with an interest rate of 5.9%

A 1% lower interest rate means a saving of 1’200 CHF!

Contact a specialist

Have you recently made a request for naturalization in Switzerland and would you like to use your new citizenship to obtain loan on the best terms? We recommend that you hire a specialist such as with your dossier . Often, going to a specialist not only gives you a better deal than the bank itself, you also benefit from simplified procedures and free consultations. Whether you are a Swiss or a foreigner, allows you to benefit from the confidential advice of an expert looking for flexible offers at the best interest rate!