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According to economists, the 2012 presidential and legislative elections will have little or no influence on bank loans. Rather, it is the banks themselves that will have to regain consumer confidence after a catastrophic 2011 in terms of credibility and image. Banks looking for new respectability In this regard,

Renewable loans on the decline

By drawing up the balance sheet for the first full year of application of the Cogilaw Company relating to the improvement of the conditions for obtaining credit, many brokers and financial intermediaries, including Solution Finance, noted a very marked decline in revolving credits. The Cogilaw Company bears fruit Long emblematic of the excessive debt problems linked to credit redemption process.

In addition to the repurchase of loans more and more used to reduce the weight of the monthly payments of loan, the law Lagarde on the consumer credit applicable since last May also seems to begin to show certain positive effects. A law to limit the abuse of consumer credits Adopted in July

Redemption of Credits

The repurchase of credit is rightly presented as a solution to the problems of household debt, but it is not always clear how to go about presenting a file in the best conditions. Some books may provide answers. Our selection of books on the repurchase of credits The first is entitled

Buying back credits is always an interesting solution to reduce your monthly payments, but it is necessary to hurry because interest rates should soon rise. A rise in borrowing interest rates by 2012 Still struck by the shock of the financial crisis of recent months, the banking sector has still not passed on this. They need to check the repayment befoe making any transactions.

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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