A personal loan to follow the European Cup

Do you dream of being able to follow the European Cup live in France?

Thanks to the various loan offers available online, as well as from different financial institutions, your dream can become reality. However, the most economical solution is certainly to subscribe a personal loan from a bank that offers the best rate.

Focus on the offer

Being passionate about football, you do not want to miss the biggest event of the year: the World Cup in France. However, it is an expensive trip, not to mention the cost of the hotel and the number of tickets that must be booked. Fortunately, there are banks that think about everything, as was the case.

Belfius had indeed proposed at the end of 2013 a loan supposed to help the supporters of the Red Devils to go to the World Cup in Brazil. The bank was unfortunately forced to withdraw his girlfriend after his offer was deemed ethically unjustifiable by the consumer defense association Test-Achats. Belfius wanted to practice a very high rate of 10%, that is to say that for a loan of 3,500 euros for example, the refund requested would be 100 euros for 4 years …

How to get your hands on the ideal “Europe Cup” loan offer?

When it comes to personal loan, it is not the offers that are missing. The trick is to use the services of an online credit comparator, the objective being to highlight interesting credit offers, especially those at the best rate.

However, before simulating a “World Cup” online credit, you must first identify your real needs, namely the length of your stay, the matches you plan to attend, the required budget, etc. You also need to determine your borrower profile, which is exactly how much you can repay. It is according to these many criteria that you will have to make the choice of the loan that will finance your trip to Brazil.

Note :

The longer your loan lasts, the more it will cost you. In this regard, it should be noted that it is not worth taking a credit that lasts more than 42 months because the next World Cup will be held in exactly 4 years.

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