A bike loan: electric bike, low rate

Have you always been a fan of bike rides?

You made it your favorite sport? Cycling has kept you fit while respecting the environment and saving money for your trips. Indeed, riding a bike has different advantages. In addition to regular physical exercise, you also spend fuel that can be on your budget. An economical, ecological and practical means of transport, what more can you ask for?

However, with your different monthly charges, you do not have enough savings to buy a new, better bike? With the credit specialist, you could apply for a loan with a specific and advantageous rate for this type of transaction. The purchase of your bike will go unnoticed and will not hurt your cash.

Bike Loan

If you want to buy a new bike or a bike for each member of the family to make fun ballads on weekends, consider applying for a loan at our company. This type of loan allows you to benefit from the best rate and you could of course ensure the repayment at your own pace.

You have our free simulator at your disposal. It will allow you to define the amount of monthly payments and the duration of your loan bike according to your repayment capabilities.

You could then enter the credit without having to move. Indeed, with the Loan House, the request can be made online or by phone.

If you would like more information on the loan loan offered by our company, you could contact one of our advisors. And do not forget that with our company, no down payment is required.

A low-cost electric bike loan

The electric bike makes more and more followers in urban environment. This two-wheeled vehicle has various advantages. In addition to being practical and economical, the electric bike does not require much effort and is easier to park. If you’re tired of traffic jams and want to move faster without having to spend too much, the electric bike can do the trick. By purchasing an electric bike, you will no longer have to submit to the various constraints of public transport. Especially since it is a means of transport that respects the environment.


If you are convinced by the different advantages of the electric bike, know that you can get a very advantageous rate electric bike loan with our company.